AY429 Ankle and head on the side


  • AY Volume 9
  • Reel 28, Track 1, Lesson 1
  • Duration of the recording: 35 minutes


  • Preparation for Supine to sitting, either through rolling to side, or directly in front, with particular attention to the weight & orientation of head, use of the legs for counter-balance, and attending to changes in the center that allow the action to begin.

Lesson Outline

  • Supine, lift the head slightly to the right and to the left
  • Progress to looking at the foot, then lifting the head and the leg (straight)
  • Repeat with the legs together, the legs apart, and allowing the straight leg to soften in the knee
  • Repeat the head and leg lift to one side, till able to come up onto one elbow
  • Repeat and see if it is possible to come up in the middle

Focus of the teaching

  • In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on

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    • This is an interesting lesson to do in standing; or, after the lesson, to repeat some parts while standing
    • ~~~~ Rob Black
  • This lesson is perhaps related (closely or remotely) to the martial arts ‘five winds kata’: ‘from lying to sitting keeping the legs long in the median plane’ (ref. to Kinesophics.ca). 5 winds kata may also be in San Francisco Year 2. ~~~Ben Parsons
  • Differing viewpoints are welcome and desired!

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