AY458 Bending Knees – Lying



  • Thematic continuation of previous two lessons in particular, and the last dozen or so in general
  • Flexing the hip and protruding the tail backwards, pushing the belly out and down between the legs
  • Relevance to lengthening of the abdominal muscles, and hip use (locomotion etcetera)
  • As with many of the last dozen lessons, ‘fast’ is a feature of this lesson

Lesson Outline

  • Supine, drag one heel towards you. Repeat fast
  • Repeat the knee bend and lift the knee (and leg) into the air. Repeat fast
  • Think about what limits the ability to move ‘fast’
  • Drag both heels towards you simultaneously
  • Join the legs and dorsiflex the feet. Repeat fast.
  • Repeat, joining the legs, dorsiflexing the feet, and bending the knees
  • Lift the legs into the air and draw the legs towards the belly. Repeat this fast
  • Lift one leg into the air and make the sole look towards the ceiling. Pull the leg towards the face. Also help with the hand of the same side behind the knee. Also fast. Also with the opposite hand
  • Repeat slowly and note how it is harder than fast
  • Lift both legs without the help of the hands behind the legs. Bring them towards the stomach. Also fast
  • Protrude the tail to arch the back. Also bending the ankles. Also bending the knees. Also fast
  • Repeat with only one leg / side. Also the other leg / side
  • Repeat with both legs, the legs together
  • Bring one heel towards the behind, first in thought. Also in action. Also with the other heel. Also with both heels
  • Lie on one side with the upper leg behind, the lower leg in front. Simultaneously flex the ankles and move the knees away from each other. Also protrude the stomach and protrude the tail
  • Lie on the back, hold with the hands below the knees. Draw the knees towards the stomach. Also fast. Also with the legs joined together

Focus of the teaching

  • Fast
  • Moving without inhibiting the breath
  • Taking the tail backwards

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  • The first half of the lesson is accessible to less mobile persons, but the latter part of the lesson is pretty athletic, holding and moving the legs in the air. This is a further lesson after the last two to do with sticking the bottom bckwards. Likely to be a strong influence on the psoas and the abdominals. (Ben Parsons)
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