• Mostly in side-lying but also face up, you take the jaw forward while protruding the buttock on each side backwards; this is related to bending the ankles, knees and hips with an arch in the very upper and lower spine and a flattening of the chest.

Lesson Outline

  • On R side, bent comfortably. L hip backwards. (…ease, speed)
  • L shoulder blade backwards (same thing); means jaw goes forward, bend in neck (just enough to feel that, and the bend is LIKE what happens when you take the hip backwards)
  • Rest on back
  • Same position. Push jaw forwards (head goes backwards in proportion; watch for people doing opposite). Faster, easier.
  • Rest on back.
  • Same position. Bend L foot to face, shortening it. (L hip tends to move backwards.) Add in bringing lower leg to thigh (back…i.e. bending at the knee). (Jaw goes forwards whether you want it or not.)
  • Continue with the L leg slightly lifted from the R. Clarifications: not taking knee to stomach, not swinging leg behind like pendulum; arch in back, which won’t happen if you take head backwards instead of jaw forwards).
  • Rest on back. Difference.
  • Lie on L side. R hip backwards, protruding; tailbone. Speed. Protrude jaw forwards. You will feel the pelvis going backwards, tailbone going out. Do it intentionally. Faster.
  • Rest on back. Changes in back.
  • Same position, bend R foot to face. Bring foot towards behind, lower leg to thigh, as well and protrude the tailbone backwards.
  • Rest on back.
  • Same position, protrude chin forward, hip backward. Lift R leg, and do the entire movement. Faster.
  • Rest on back.
  • Stay on back, stand feet. Protrude both hip joints backwards, tail. Should lift belt and flatten chest. Then leaning on heels alone, take tailbone backwards. With each leg alone. Both legs. Faster.
  • Rest.
  • Lie on R side. Bend and extend both feet at the same time. Faster. With taking tail backwards. With taking lower legs to thighs/feet to behind. Then the whole back and the chin do the movement. Faster, easier.
  • Rest.
  • Other side.
  • Then in standing. Chin/jaw forward and pelvis backwards–already the ankles, knees bend, pelvis goes backwards.- clarifying the low stomach towards hips if you take the hip backwards

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • We do this lesson to feel something that will benefit all other lessons. The fundamental relationship of the pelvis and head, with the spine in the small ribs moving backwards as the face comes forwards.
  • With great ease or you will get cramps in legs.

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