Lifting the knees while lying on the back.

Lesson Outline

  • Most of lesson is done lying on back, arms by the sides, with both feet standing. The legs are spread.
  • As you lift each knee observe the movements in the ribs, chest, neck and head. How quiet can you leave the chest while lifting the knee/s? Bring the focus to the area of the abdomen between navel and groin.
    • Lift one knee (refinement: lift to feel heel lifting first, toes following, and return in reverse order–i.e. you’re lifting the knees and the feet are passive), paying attention to chest and head mobilization.
    • Lift other knee
    • Lift both knees
    • Do the same sequence, twice, but paying attention to use of abdomen; and then the sequence paying attention to everything.
    • Imagine that someone pushes the knees towards you as you lift.
    • Then repeat, paying attention to speed and trajectory
    • Touch both legs together at ankles and knees, and lift. Pay attention to asymmetry.
    • Touch both legs together at ankles and knees – lift – and move lower legs R&L while keeping knees in the centre, and keeping both legs together.
    • With L leg long and R foot standing, lift R knee. Continue lifting R knee while slowly bringing L foot to standing. Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Learning to act without mobilising the chest. Observing how the spine is shortened and the head is dragged down when the legs are lifted. Freeing the back and head of parasitic work.

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