AY274 Introduction to Walking (1)



  • Standing, shifting the weight between the feet, with the feet in various configurations (uncrossed, crossed, fore foot lifted), with head mobile and immobile, with an arc or a circling movement of the pelvis.

Lesson Outline

  • Stand, shift the weight slowly between the feet, coordinated with the breathing
  • Repeat, but with the head fixed in the center. Attend to how the breath organises
  • Cross the legs over and again shift the weight between the feet. Attend to how the breath organises
  • Cross the legs the other way and repeat. Attend to how little the head can be made to move
  • Stand, shift the weight slowly between the feet, and lift one fore foot. Attend to the breath
  • Stand, shift the weight slowly between the feet by making an arc with the pelvis backwards
  • Repeat, with an arc of the pelvis forwards. Attend to the head staying immobile
  • Repeat, with a  circle of the pelvis
  • Stand with the weight on one foot, the fore foot lifted, and make circles around that hip

Focus of the teaching

  • Balance
  • Weight distribution left and right
  • Weight through the heels
  • To mobilise the whole body allowing the head to remain still
  • Coordination of breathing with movement
  • The ATM ends with “Look at a point on the horizon without fixing the eyes. They can move, just know where forward is”

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  • For a week, I had been suffering foot pain and was limping whilst walking. After this lesson the pain improved by 95%. Doing lesson AY275 the following day eliminated the rest of the pain and I could walk without restriction by the 3rd day. (Ben Parsons)

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