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Lesson Outline

  1. Please stand and walk with completely slow steps. Then, try and walk a little faster and allow the arms to move. Intentionally increase the movement of the arms, notice.
    1. Now slowly try and move the arms in the opposite direction, meaning same arm and same leg. Note that the pelvis turns such that the toes are forward, as if the big toe is like walking on a line. Do not move the arms before the body, then return to walk like you did in the beginning. How is it now?
    2. Come to the floor and walk on hands and knees (quadruped). Note the movement of the arms and legs going in opposite direction, right arm and left leg, etc. in a diagonal.
  2. Return to walking like the beginning, being sure to sync the movements together. (Natural manner) Observe.
    1. Change over and do same side movements, right arm and right leg, etc. as if the right arm pulls the big toe with a string. Attend to the pelvis. Increase it, clarify it.
    2. Now walk in quadruped, with same side movements, same arm and leg, and watch how the body rolls around a horizontal axis.
  3. Lie on your stomach, and with your elbows and knees, crawl on your stomach, which leg goes with which arm?
  4. Walk again in standing, see if your legs bend higher.
  5. Return to the floor for belly crawl and then to quadruped, and see what the head is doing. Does it stay in the middle?
  6. Now lie on your back and think how would you crawl on your back? Now try it. Arm and leg together tend to be more comfortable. Then return to your stomach and crawl with same arm and leg until it becomes normal.
  7. Come to quadruped, and do the same thing but head remains forward.
  8. Now stand and walk with same arm and same leg. Observe your pelvis.
  9. Next, walk natural. And add bending from the hips only, not the knees, and walk low like this. How are you breathing? Continue and do this with the pattern of same arm and same leg.
  10. Erect yourself and walk, and extend your chin forward, not up or down (pecking) Time it so it moves with each step.
    1. Follow with doing this with quadruped
    2. Pause the quadruped walk and just do the pecking
  11. Return to standing with the pecking motion. Move your arms and see how they move. Sense your hips.
    1. Just think of the hips, then try with the right hip forward.
    2. Continue to walk forward, but try with the right hip backward.
    3. Now alternate with the right hip forward then backward.
  12. Walk normally, then walk normally in quadruped followed with belly crawl.
  13. And now pull yourself forward with both elbows and forearms together.
  14. Finish with standing and see how this compares.

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