• Pelvis 6h-12h with feet wide and knees together, with one leg long, with soles together
  • One foot standing, bend to that side: lift and lower that side of pelvis. Also with hand holding under knee of standing leg, continue until rolling to other side.

Lesson Outline

  1. Tilt pelvis between 12 and 6; feet standing, then soles of feet together. On back.
  2. Stand one foot, roll pelvis away. Repeat with 2nd foot.
  3. On side, legs stacked. Lift top leg. Then pivot so foot lifts higher. Change sides.
  4. On back, R arm wraps around top of head to hold L ear. R foot standing. Slide head/upper body in direction R hip joint. Combine with rolling pelvis. Change sides.
  5. On back, R hand takes hold near R knee/ankle. Lift and lower R side pelvis. Repeat on L side.
  6. On stomach, bend legs, soles of feet look at ceiling, arms long, forehead on floor. Reach R hand toward R knee/sidebend. Repeat to L.
  7. On back, R foot stands. R hand to R knee/leg and hold. Roll pelvis L. Then extend L arm over head. Perhaps roll L. To stomach?
    Try all steps on other side.
  8. Stand feet. Tilt between 12 and 6. How is it now?

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Spirals inherent in our movement: from foot to head of femur; from foot diagonally across to opposite shoulder
  • Using constraint to uncover parasitic holding in ribs and shoulders
  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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