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451. Coordinating head forward and the pelvis backward
452. Toward Japanese Sitting. (Page 3067)
453. Eyes and Lines. (Page 3073)
454. Preparations for hands inside-out. (Page 3079)
455. On chair, differentiated turning. (Page 3085)
456. Protrusions and bendings. (Page 3091)
457. Each side separately
458. Bending knees – lying
459. Pulling the knees and straightening the knees. (Page 3113)
460. Separation in lying with Saika (Tantien). (Page 3119)
461. Diagonal sitting holding the knees. (Page 3127)
462. Separating the left limbs in sitting. (Page 3133)
463. Sh pa gat or The splits
464. Bending and erecting with holding the lower leg. (Page 3149)
465. Classical twist on the side with an advanced opening
466. Continuation until the eyes. (Page 3161)

466.3 Turning the Palm (or sole of the foot) upward (not in IFF edition)
467. End of the twist. (Page 3169)
468. Extending the arms with standing the foot on the lower leg. (Page 3175)
469. Separating twists on a chair. (Page 3181)
470. Continuation with standing leg on leg. (Page 3189)
471. Continuation holding the knee. (Page 3197)
472. Separating on both sides. (Page 3203)
473. On the stomach, training the back. (Page 3211)
474. With the help of the limbs in the air, rolling to get up. (Page 3217)
475. Midway exercise to the previous one. (Page 3223)
476. Lengthening heels and arms. (Page 3229)
477. General Lengthening. (Page 3235)
478. Chin movements on a chair. (Page 3241)
479. Movements of the chin to the sides on a chair. (Page 3249)
480. Bending Movements of the head on a chair. (Page 3255)
481. Twelve o’clock with the chin, Twelve o’clock with the head. (Page 3263)
482. Introduction next to a chair (The foot). (Page 3273)
483. on the side of the chair-hopping. (Page 3281)
484. In standing, turning with the eyes. (Page 3289)
485. Holding the foot with both hands. (Page 3297)
486. Holding the chair and hopping. (Page 3305)
487. Next to a chair, statue standing. (Page 3313)
488. To statue standing. (Page 3321)
489. Legs and lifting back. (Page 3327)
490. The statue moves. (Page 3335)
491. Arms and legs behind. (Page 3343)
492. Sole to ear. (Page 3349)
493. Pushing the legs to the floor. (Page 3355)
494. Expanding the spreading. (Page 3361)
495. Arm around in lying. (Page 3371)
496. The face. (Page 3379)
497. Sack standing. (Page 3387)
498. Tilting the leg backward in sitting. (Page 3393)
499. Dynamic spread. (Page 3399)
500. Leg to the side. (Page 3405)
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