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51. Twisting with head fixed. (Page 321)
52. Head fixed, pelvis fixed while standing on the knees. (Page 329)
53. Sliding the hands on the outside of the lower leg while lying on the side. (Page 337)
54. Differentiation of eyes, head, and back in twisting movements. (Page 345)
55. Folding forward. (Page 351)
56. Bending the abdomen with leg swings (Catching flies). (Page 357)
57. Lifting the head on all fours. (Page 363)
58. Transferring support while on the stomach. (Page 371)
59. Lifting the head with the hands. (Page 377)
60. On the stomach. (Page 385)
61. Arm circles above the head; on the back with soles of the feet facing. (Page 391)
62. Drawing a circle with the arm above the head. (Page 399)
63. Knee hiding the foot. (Page 405)
64. Tilting the head while lifting the hip. (Page 413)
65. Weighing the head in the circumference; sitting cross-legged and standing on the knees.(Page 419)
66. Lifting the head with the hands Abdominal muscles while lying on the floor. (Page 427)
67. Lengthening the leg into pulling movements while rolling. (Page 433)
68. Rolling the fists. (Page 439)
69. On the stomach; twisting while lifting elbows. (Page 447)
70. Passing the knee on either side of the elbow. (Page 453)
71. Preparation for a headstand, #1. (Page 461)
72. Preparation for a headstand, #2. (Page 467)
73. Twisting the pelvis relative to the shoulders. (Page 473)
74. Rocking the back with the help of one leg. (Page 479)
75. Twisting the shoulders relative to the pelvis. (Page 485)
76. Slow lifting; on the stomach. (Page 491)
77. A clock. (Page 497)
78. Standing (Page 503)
79. Preparation for shoulder stand; back and pelvic movement. (Page 511)
80. Circles with the hand in sitting. (Page 517)
81. Washing the face with the feet. (Page 523)
82. A clock in front of the face. (Page 529)
83. Clock – the abdominal muscles. (Page 537)
84. A clock. (Page 543)

84.5 Getting up from a chair #3 (not in IFF edition)

85. Bending the right ear to the right shoulder and the left ear to the left shoulder. (Page 549)
86. Forward and backward; bending the head a gestalt. (Page 557)
87. Lifting the head and legs while twisting; on the stomach. (Page 565)
88. Circling the head in standing. (Page 573)
89. Lengthening the arms. (Page 581)
90. Lengthening the arms; sitting cross-legged. (Page 587)
91. Getting up from the knees while rolling the head. (Page 595)
92. From lying on the back with lower leg on other thigh to sitting with crossed legs. (Page 603)
93. Softening the hip joints to side sitting and bringing the knee to one shoulder and the other shoulder. (Page 609)
94. Twisting right and left. (Page 615)
95. Turning the nose in a circle (Listening to the right side in a symmetrical movement). (Page 621)
96. Sinking the spine between the shoulder blades. (Page 629)
97. Optimal lifting of the knees. (Page 635)
98. Zen sitting. (Page 643)
99. Lifting the elbows with a loose hand. (Page 649)
100. Cardinal head movements. (Page 657)
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