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201. Gluing in the lungs, #1. (Page 1369)
202. Gluing in the lungs, #2. (Page 1377)
203. Gluing in the lungs, #3. (Page 1387)
204. Gluing in the lungs, #4 (Gluing and bending the back). (Page 1395)
205. Sitting and getting up with soft and bending legs. (Page 1403)
206. On the side, getting the spine flexible. (Page 1411)
207. On the side, fast lifting of the head. (Page 1417)
208. Lifting straight legs and circling the arms. (Page 1423)
209. On the side, stepping (with the) left thigh. (Page 1429)
210. On the right side (while lying on the left side). (Page 1435)
211. The splits. (Page 1441)
212. Basic spreading of the legs. (Page 1447)

212.2 Overlapping Shins (legs) #1 (not in IFF edition)

213. On the back, pushing the feet down. (Page 1455)
214. On the side, lifting a straight leg sideways. (Page 1463)
215. Supine, on all fours (walking). (Page 1469)
216. Lifting the hands at the head in a “V”. (Page 1475)
217. On the side, the sternum becoming flexible. (Page 1481)
218. On the side, bending and twisting the chest and spine. (Page 1489)
219. Opposing movements in the head and shoulders, #1. (Page 1497)
220. Hands behind. (Page 1505)
221. Opposing movements in the head and shoulders, #2 while standing on the knees. (Page 1513)
222. On the abdomen, a hand lifting the head. (Page 1521)
223. Rolling from the back to side-sitting. (Page 1527)
224. Legs pushing the pelvis and rocking the back. (Page 1533)
225. Standing on the knees. (Page 1541)
226. Placing the hand on top of the head, in sitting. (Page 1547)
227. Swinging bent legs to strengthen K ferm or Lengthening the erecting muscles (The extensors). (Page 1553)

227.5 Standing feet on the floor and raising the tail from the floor (not in IFF edition)
228. On the knees, place the head on a handkerchief (Laying the head on the floor). (Page 1559)
229. On the back, diagonals and parallels knee-elbow; Soften ribs and enable vertebral movement and breathing. (Page 1567)
230. Self hug the arms rolling the upper and lower girdle, on the back and abdomen. (Page 1573)
231. Bringing the knee to the face in an arc. (Page 1581)
232. Minimal movements; lying on the side; begin the movements in imagination. (Page 1589)
233. With the legs joined lying on the floor. (Page 1597)

233.5 Turns with arms/hands behind (on the back) (not in IFF edition)
234. Standing backward, #1. (Page 1605)
235. Standing (Shaking in the heels). (Page 1613)
236. Rotation on an axis. (Page 1621)
237. Lengthening the arms and legs with examination. (Page 1629)
238. Standing backward, #2. (Page 1639)
239. Head and shoulders in opposing movements. (Page 1647)
240. Twisting the pelvis with a long arm. (Page 1655)
241. Getting to know the hip joints. (Page 1661)
242. Turning on a side axis. (Page 1667)
243. Walking. (Page 1675)
244. Heels and toes in circles (Heels and feet in circles, #1). (Page 1683)
245. Heels and feet in circles. (Page 1689)
246. General coordination. (Page 1699)
247. On the feet and forearm. (Page 1705)
248. Pulling the feet sideways. (Page 1711)
249. Knee pulling the shoulders to sit Indian-style. (Page 1717)
250. Balance with the knees crossed. (Page 1723)
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