Lesson Outline

  1. Lie on the back with feet standing on the floor and arms by the side of the body. The legs are spread. Push the floor with the legs so the force goes through the skeleton and moves the head. Many times, with light continuous movements (Moving like jelly). Make sure the pelvis and head remain on the floor and there is no strain. Rest.
  2. Right foot standing, left leg long, left arm above the head. Push with the right leg, so that the left arm moves up the floor. The movement is on a diagonal. Go quickly. Then slowly and deliberately. Then again fast. Rest.
  3. Repeat #2 switching “right” and “left”. Rest.
  4. Legs long. Push with the heals so that the force goes through the skeleton to the head. You can help with the palms of your hands. Rest.
  5. Feet standing, hands on the side of the body, and pelvis in the air. Repeat the movement. Push the skeleton so it lengthens the neck. Rest
  6. Right foot standing, left arm lying above the head. Roll the body to the left to place the left ear on the left arm.
    • With the right hand, old the head from above. At the end of the movement lift the head.
    • Do the movement quickly.
    • Accentuate the lifting of the head at the end of every push. Let air come out of the lungs while lifting. Rest.
  7. Repeat #6 switching “right” and “left”. Rest.
  8. Two feet standing on the floor. Cross the right leg above the left. Turn the face to the right. Place the left hand behind the right ear, on the floor. And now, push upward with the left leg. Lift the head from the floor while pushing, at the end of the push. Rest.
  9. Repeat #8 switching “right” and “left”. Rest.
  10. Lie on the stomach with legs spread and toes in running position. Hands standing next to the chest. Push the spine upward with the help of the hands and with the feet. Back and forth many times. Lift the head enough that the floor will not rub the face.
  11. Lie on the stomach. Right toes in running position. Right hand standing by chest Left arm above the head, straight up. Left ear on the arm.  Push with the right leg (not with the left) and right hand the body toward the left arm.  Push many times.
    • With each push, lift the head with the help of the right hand.
    • Do it fast. Rest.
  12. Repeat #11 switching “right” and “left”. Rest.
  13. Lie on the back. Feet standing. With both hands, hold the hair just above the ears. Push with the feet. Toward the end of the movement, lift the head.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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