Amherst 1 – Week 9 – 08/06/80 AM1 Pelvic lift with arms right and left

Source Amherst Year 1 (1980) Duration of the recording: 37 min. Continuation of 08/04/80 AM1 Hand movement differentiation 08/04/80 AM2 Playing fiddle with the elbows (part 1) 08/04/80 AM3 Playing fiddle with the elbows (part 2) 08/05/80 AM1 Differentiation of arms – sitting 08/05/80 AM2 Differentiation of arms – lying (part 1) Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline […]

AY000.1 Shape (form) of a Jelly (not in IFF edition)

Source neither transcribed, nor translated into English Reel 1, Track 1, Lesson 1 Duration of the original recording: 35 minutes (according to Moti Nativ) Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus […]

AY224 Legs pushing the pelvis and rocking the back

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 5 Reel 16, Track 1, Lesson 3 Synopsis Part of the set of lessons relating to “spine like a Chain” or “Jelly Pudding”. In this lesson, rather than exploring ways for moving parts of the spine independently, instead the intent is for all the energy of movement (from the feet) is […]