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101. On side Lifting the leg and straightening it. (Page 665)
102. Oscillations with lifting the head towards sitting. (Page 671)
103. Bending sideways on the back. (Page 679)
104. Lifting of the back in the knees or lifting of the back with the knees. (Page 685)
105. On the stomach; basic lifting of body parts. (Page 691)
106. The knee bent on the abdomen. (Page 697)
107. Bending on the stomach. (Page 703)
108. A full circle with the leg swing. (Page 709)
109. Lowering the pelvis to sitting. (Page 715)
110. On the back; twisting the spine with the head fixed. (Page 721)
111. Painting with the soles of the feet. (Page 727)
112. A plane dividing the body, #1. (Page 735)
113. With the arms sideways; turning the arms. (Page 743)
114. Four diagonals in folding. (Page 751)
115. A plane dividing the body, #2. (Page 759)
116. Spreading the legs and erecting the back. (Page 765)
117. Frog movement with the leg and the arch. (Page 773)
118. On the stomach; tilting the legs in circles. (Page 781)
119. Twisting and bending in sitting. (Page 789)
120. The feet. (Page 795)
121. Extending the arms and twisting to the back. (Page 803)
122. Rolling right and left (Page 809)
122.5 Hip and shoulder movements on the side (not in IFF edition)
123. On the knees; diagonal see-saw. (Page 815)
124. Work with the active (dominant) hand. (Page 821)
125. Fingers backward. (Page 831)
126. The mouth and head cavity. (Page 837)
127. Hands lifting the legs. (Page 845)
128. The leg to the other side, rolling the head. (Page 851)
129. Pecking movement. Arm circles while lifting the head. (Page 857)
130. Rolling with tapping the arms and legs. (Page 863)
131. Twisting the pelvis and shoulders with a swing. (Page 869)
132. Head under a frame, #1. (Page 875)
133. Head under a frame, #2. (Page 881)
134. Rolling in a bridge with the hands on the ankles. (Page 887)
135. Legs to the side and lifting them with the hands. (Page 893)
136. Looking at the back while sitting. (Page 901)
137. Twisting the back and pelvis with the elbows and legs. (Page 911)
138. Walking on the heels. (Page 917)
139. Touching the floor with the hands, #1. (Page 925)
140. Crossing knees and twisting the back and pelvis. (Page 931)
141. Touching the floor with the hands, #2. (Page 937)
142. Frog. (Page 943)
143. Bending right and left. (Page 949)
144. Pushing the floor in a bridge backward. (Page 955)
145. From sitting to standing while turning. (Page 963)
146. Bending the spine while sitting in a chair. (Page 969)
147. Standing up from the chair with crossed legs. (Page 975)
148. Twisting and bending sitting on a chair. (Page 981)
149. Sitting on the toes next to a chair. (Page 989)
150. Movement with a stick while sitting. (Page 995)
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