Alternately Stomach up/down in the Breathing AY435



  • Supine, breathing by means of rapid sucking in of the stomach. Subsequently, also by means of pushing the stomach out. Then finding ease in alternating between the two methods. Repeating on the side. Repeating whilst making a sound. Allowing the in-breath to just happen. This lesson uses rapid exhalations to surpass potential conscious interference with inhalation in specific and breathing in general.

Lesson Outline

  • Pull the stomach in and take the air out powerfully through the nose
  • Place the hands on the lower belly and take air out through the nose by pushing the stomach down (towards the legs) – in other words, puffing the belly out so the hands are pushed towards the feet.
  • Alternate between these two manners of breathing.
  • Repeat, but with a focus on doing it softly.
  • Lie on one side and pull the stomach in and take the air out powerfully through the nose.
  • Repeat, but this time by pushing the stomach out and down again.
  • Continue and alternate between these two manners of breathing.
  • Continue, but with a focus on doing it gently.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Supine, alternate between the two manners of breathing, whilst making ‘hmmmmmm’ noises.

Focus of the teaching

  • This lesson contains extensive monologues on the subject of breathing.

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  • MF talks a lot during the lesson about theory, background, and expected outcomes. In point 3 he mentions that a baby can scream for hours without tiring due to its good use of its breathing. This theme can be found in one or more of his books. (Ben Parsons)
  • The original lesson title in the AY volume has an up and a down arrow after the word stomach, which I assume means ‘up/down’. (Ben Parsons)
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