A lesson in side-lying, with the bottom straight and top bent on floor in front; face turned to ceiling. Lift head and long leg. Work in the imagination and with minimal movement.

Lesson Outline

  • Scan.
  • Lie on R side; bend L leg in front, R arm long in front; lift L hand to ceiling and turn head: face towards ceiling.
  • In thinking, extend R leg. Think of lifting head slightly at same time. Do in tiny movement: lift head, then extend R leg, then do both. Then lift leg with lifting head.
  • L hand behind head: same lifting of head and leg. (Take L elbow further L. L knee may unintentionally come away from the floor.)
  • Same position, but take L hand a little further back (not to floor, just further than before): turn head further L. Stay there and do see-saw breathing, fast and slow. Then repeat the previous movement.
  • Lie on R side again, legs in same configuration: position arms like you’re hugging a tree, and lift head and shoulders. Very difficult to lift the R shoulder. Add lifting of R leg.
  • Same thing, but lift the head with the R hand. Stay lifted, and use L hand on forehead to roll head between hands.
  • Next instruction unclear to me: I think the head is slid L and the tree-hugging arms are now on a different plane: R arm at 45 degrees to body. Seesaw breathing.
  • Return to previous movement.
  • Stand, walk.
  • Second side: more done in thinking, to reach the final movement quickly.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Very fine movement; breathing.

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