• Amherst Year 1
  • Duration of the recording: 41 min.(Talk – How should a human being lie? included)


  • Face up, with legs cross at the knees, and hands extended to ceiling with palms together (in a triangle). This is the version where you take the arms and crossed legs together to the same side, reversibly. Intermingled Talk—How Should a Human Being Lie?

Lesson Outline

  • Cross L knee over R and tilt knees L.
  • Do whatever it takes to take the knees to the floor (i.e. roll, take R arm across to the L)
  • Lie on side like that and stroke down the thigh to the knee with the R hand.
  • Arms in triangle. Take everything L.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Reversibility and intentional action
  • at 1:22:40 “The restriction that makes it impossible, becomes possible, provided that you use your entire self to do it, and not only does it become possible, it becomes easy, and once it gets easy, you can make it pleasant, comfortable, elegant, and aesthetically [comfortable…pleasing…looking for the word] pleasant.”
  • Breathing so as not to do anything that you understand “breathing” to be. Don’t breathe and see what kind of breathing happens anyway. When you feel you need to breath, swallow.
  • At the beginning, everyone has palms in different position (lying with knees bent and crossed, and arms alongside). At the end, everyone has palms down.
  • Why he talks while people do the movement: because he watches who stops–the idea is that you have to act while taking in all sorts of information all the time.

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