This lesson in sidelying works with lifting the leg, and turning heel/toes to ceiling, which ultimately turns the whole body towards lying on the stomach and towards lying on the back.

Lesson Outline

  • Scan; roll head (return to this rolling several times).
  • Lie on L side, lift head with R hand over top of head on L ear. Lengthen L leg and lift it.
  • Hold L leg in air and bend and extend foot/ankle. Same, but bend and extend toes instead, both with ankled flexed and with ankle extended. Return to bending/extending ankle, then lifting leg (now specified: foot at right angle to lower leg): both easier?
  • Other side.
  • Face up, feet standing, fingers interlaced behind head: lift head, on to L shoulder blade; elbows and head turn a little left. Then on to R shoulder blade.
  • On L side. Turn long R leg so heel points towards ceiling, and then so toes do.
  • Lift leg and head with heel turned towards ceiling.
  • Other side.
  • On L side: toes towards ceiling, lift head and leg. Other side.
  • Then on L side, lift and turn heel/toes in air, rolling towards stomach/back.
  • Other side.
  • Breathing, rolling head….

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  • Bridget Quebodeaux has a recording of this lesson, attributed to Cathy Sweetman, posted on SoundCloud

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  • Having started with this collection, I thought for a long time that rolling the head was an indispensable reference movement. LynetteReid Jan 14, 2011

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