Lesson #1: Pendulum movements of the head
Lesson # 2: On all fours, side movements
Lesson # 3: Movements on four points
Lesson # 4: Holding the chin
Lesson # 5: The foot and the toes
Lesson # 6: Holding the foot with the hand
Lesson # 7: On the side, differentiation, twisting and zenith
Lesson # 8: Clock in three positions

Foreword from the English Transcript: “These lessons were taught by Moshe Feldenkrais in French, in 1978 to the actors of the Bouffes du Nord theatre (Paris) at the behest of the director Peter Brook.
This material was edited and given to the French practitioners on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the French Feldenkrais Association, in March 2017. We are now pleased to offer these eight hitherto unpublished Awareness Through Movement® lessons in an English and German translation. The present edition is accompanied by the original recordings of Moshe Feldenkrais’ teaching in French.
The title of the lessons has been given by the editors. The lesson order does not strictly match the chronological order in which Moshe Feldenkrais taught them. This source material, in French, and the translations are being made available to all Feldenkrais practitioners, be they members of Feldenkrais Associations and Guilds or not and will be available worldwide.
The lessons were recorded by Myriam Pfeffer on a small hand-held machine. The tapes have been made available from the archives by Sabine Pfeffer and François Combeau. Due to the conditions of the original recordings some sections were scrambled and occasionally inaudible. François Combeau, with the help of a sound engineer, has restored six of the tapes to make listening easier. These six lessons were transcribed in French by Mickäelle Acke and proofread and formatted by Vincent Vitte; the final two lessons’ audio is unmastered. In the French transcript Vincent Vitte attempted to render Moshe Feldenkrais’ words faithfully. Stéphanie Ménasé has reviewed the totality of the eight lessons. The English translator, Ben Parsons, has based his translation on the original French audio and the French transcription. The German translation was done by Monika Praxmarer; Anne Barthelmeß has edited the German edition professionally.”
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