Sitting cross-legged and taking knees to floor.

Lesson Outline

  1. Lying, both legs bent and open to side, L leg closer to body (groin) than R. Arms extended overhead on floor. Take knees towards floor (strain low back, in the middle; protrude abdomen) and extend arms at the same moment. Change over legs.
  2. Lying in the same way, but with the R foot (outside border) now resting somewhere on L leg. R hand in bridging position, L hand on R elbow: move L and R, then U and D–ultimately you are taking the elbow towards the floor overhead.
  3. Other side (other arrangement of legs, L hand in bridge).
  4. Sit, knees open, L leg closer; place R foot on L leg. Lean on hands behind and lift pelvis to lower knees to floor. Change legs.
  5. Same idea, but leaning on elbows/forearms, and doing just one side.
  6. Other side, hanging head behind on second side.
  7. Lying, R leg bent closer, L leg on R; both hands in bridge. Push floor with hands to take knees down.
  8. Try again, hands placed better; lift shoulders, let head crawl along floor; and then switch the legs and do the other side.
  9. Sit with L leg bent closer and R foot on L leg. Slide hands along floor in front. Change over legs.
  10. Sit, R foot closer L on top: push on hands behind to bring top of head to floor (pelvis probably lifts).
  11. Repeat 9. Can you bring forehead to floor?
  12. Repeat 1. Repeat 7. Develop 7 until you have lifted shoulders to have top of head on floor–then the knees will go down to the floor completely.
  13. Lie with legs extended, roll feet in and out.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

With each successive crossing of the legs, the feet go higher up “Each time they should go up a bit more. It is impossible that they stay in the same place” (p. 1171).

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