AY329 Standing on the knees

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7 AY#329 Reel 22, Track 4, Lesson 1 Duration: 42 minutes Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on Related ATMs AY330. Standing on the knees, continuation. […]

AY013 Buttocks

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 1 #13 Reel 2, Track 1, Lesson 2, Side ? Duration 39 min. Synopsis Tightening and releasing the buttocks (singly and together) in sitting (lifts whole body, shifts legs), face down (turns legs), kneeling (tilts pelvis….lengthens one knee if one foot standing), standing (lifts the longitudinal arch of the foot). Lesson […]