AY448 Diagonal bending

Source AY Volume 9 Reel 29, Track 2, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 44 minutes Synopsis using an unusual strategy of fast, small movements, Dr. Feldenkrais  introduces  diagonal flexing, then finishes with whole-body flexing. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or […]

AY333 Movement of opposition

Source AY#333 The movement of opposition, Alexander Yanai Vol 7 Reel 23, Track 1, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 45 minutes Synopsis Clarification of some topics in Lesson 3 in ATM, “Fundamental Properties” Lying face up, lift head (chin to neck, away from neck), R arm, R leg; all together. Focuses on the relationship […]

AY334 Movement of opposition continuation on the knees

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 7 Reel 23, Track 1, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 40 minutes Synopsis Continuing with the theme of 333, on the back, on the front, and on elbows and knees, you lift your extended arms, head, legs in various combinations and explore the concurrent movement of the spine in the […]