AY099 Lifting the elbows with a loose hand

Source Alexander Yanai Vol. 2 Part 2 No. 99 Reel 8, Track 1, Lesson 3 Synopsis This lesson is done entirely prone, lifting the elbows, head, and forearms. The “loose hand” refers to a soft wrist, with the fingers loosely drooping downward toward the floor. Lesson Outline On stomach, one knee drawn up, hands palm […]

AY096 Sinking the spine between the shoulder blades

Source Alexander Yanai Vol. 2 #96 Reel 7, Track 4, Lesson 3 Synopsis This is a Sphinx lesson done prone resting on elbows and forearms, sinking the thoracic between the shoulders, causing the scapulas to slide along the ribs. There are several movements done explicitly to help increase the ability of the student to move […]