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Lesson Outline

  1. Lay on floor scan
  2. Stand feet & cross left leg over right leg
    1. Lower both legs to left and return to center
    2. Lower legs to left & stay. Interlace fingers behind head & lift head
  3. Same as #2 on other side
  4. Sit on floor with feet standing slightly wide & leaning back on hands. Place right knee so it hides right foot from view.
    1. Lift right leg keeping foot & knee aligned so foot is hidden
    2. Add lowering head as knee lifts [Reference Movement]
    3. Add lifting alternate hands to see which is easier to lift [left is easier]
    4. Add leaning left elbow on left knee
    5. Add sliding left hand behind neck, elongating neck as head lowers
  5. Sit as in #4
    1. Lift knee, lower head & hold
    2. Keeping same distance between head & knee, unbend knee to straighten leg in air
  6. Sit as in #4
    1. Lift knee & lower head with left hand under right ankle, helping to lift leg
  7. Compare right vs. left sides – stand & walk
  8. Sit as in #4 and do left leg
  9. Sit as in #4 except with legs together
    1. Lift both knees so both feet are hidden & lower head
    2. Lift knees and lower head & hold – unbend knees to straighten legs
  10. Reference Movement, stand & walk


Focus of the teaching

Throughout the lesson, always move the leg so the foot is hidden by the knee, (except when straightening leg in air.)

Moshe often mentions exhaling with each lift, repeating each movement “many times” and making simple, light, and comfortable movements.


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