This audio program, recorded in 1976 by Moshé Feldenkrais, features 10 lessons with many of the exercises included in Dr. Feldenkrais’ book Awareness Through Movement. Originally published on Audiocassettes in 1980, it is now available on CD and as mp3-download.


  1. Fundamental Properties of Movement 1 (ATM Book Lesson 3)
  2. Fundamental Properties of Movement 2
  3. Adapt Your Breathing to Your Needs (ATM Book Lesson 4)
  4. Coordinate Flexors and Extensors (ATM Book Lesson 5)
  5. Free Your Hip Joints (ATM Book Lesson 6)
  6. The Head Fixes the Muscle Tone (ATM Book Lesson 7)
  7. Perfecting Your Self-Image (ATM Book Lesson 8)
  8. Nimble Head for Nimble Action (ATM Book Lesson 9)
  9. Swift Eyes Make a Smart Body (ATM Book Lesson 10)
  10. Generalize Your Skills (ATM Book Lesson 11)

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