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  • Face down, lifting head, arms, legs, with one leg bent open to the side.

Lesson Outline

  • Face down, lift head and see how high you lift looking forward.
  • Lie face down, face looking L; place R ear on back of L hand, which is on the back of your R hand. Bend the L knee open on the floor towards your stomach. Lift head and L arm.
    • Breathing?
    • Faster.
    • What do you do with R leg? Shoulder blades? the muscles of the back?
    • Rest face down, comparing lengths. The lift head and L arm and stay in the air, comparing lengths.
  • Rest, face up, roll head.
  • Other side. (Notice when you make more effort than is productive, you shorten the body somewhere. All the same awareness questions but in more detail.)
  • Rest face down. Then bend up L leg and this time, looking L, place R ear on back of R hand (which is on teh back of the L hand). Lifting head with R arm. Difficult. Then help by lifting the R leg. Do it with and without the R leg, and see how it helps, and can you get that help without lifting the leg. Just lift the leg alone, and see how the spine crawls up, whether or elbow crawls forward.
  • Rest face up. Roll head.
  • Other side. With more variations, continue to where you keep head and leg in air, and rock.
  • Rest face up. Breathing below belly button. Roll head.
  • Face down, R leg bent up; R hand on top but face looking L. Lift L leg. Then lift R arm and head–much more difficult.
    • Lift head and both legs [?]. And hammock like this.
    • Lift L leg and take it R and L.
    • The lift just head and R arm.
    • Then switch hands and lift head and L arm.
    • Lift head with L arm, and lift L leg…and take the whole body L and R (rotate–head L and leg R and VV).
    • Then lift head/arm and leg, and take them towards one another and apart.
    • Then lift same and rock the body L and R.
    • Change arms and rock again, from L hip joint to R elbow.
  • With legs long, face looking L, resting on L hand, lift head and L arm and compare to beginning. Then with the L leg bent up.
  • Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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