This classic extensor lesson (leg bent up alongside) include pushing up from the toes to lift the head.

Lesson Outline

  • Face up, roll head; face down, lift head to look up as references. Every rest face up between the following movements includes rolling the head.
  • Face down with L knee open/up to side. Face L (R cheek on back of L hand, which is on R hand): lift head and L arm.
  • Same position; lift R leg. Then plant R toes under, get a sense of pushing from toes to lift knee….then pushing from toes, connecting this to lifting head and L arm.
  • Same position, but L cheek on back of R hand, which is on L hand–lift head and R arm. Lift R leg. Bend toes under and push from R foot to lift head and R arm. Then lift without pushing from toes.
  • Other side, both variations. Feel how pushing from the toes brings the weight forward onto the chest.
  • Face up, lift head and take knees towards elbows, lengthening spine: take knee and elbow on each side towards the ceiling. (After this, the head-rolling between variations stops.)
  • Lie face down with arms long overhead: lift head to see how far.
  • Brings arms down, elbows bent and forearms on either side of head. Lift with one eye open and one closed; other eye; both.
  • Face up, flexors and rolling again.
  • Face down, hands for push-up: turn toes of both feet under and push from toes to lift the head.
  • End with flexors and rolling.

Focus of Teaching

  • Lengthening to lift head and arm.

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Typical Results

  • Feeling taller, changing breathing are emphasized in the lesson.

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