This lesson, face up, involves a long scan, using the “five cardinal lines” theme, and then works with lifting the shoulders, differentiating this from the head, and relating the ability to lift each shoulder to lifting the opposite hip.

Lesson Outline

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  • Synopsis of Santa Fe 4 FTP Segment 2 • Year 1 • Sept 1-12, 2008: ATM Lesson #035 Page 5
  • On back, lines: tail to head, start arm lines at C7, line of legs from sacrum dimples. Line of spine from tail, thru vertebra lumbar, thoracic, cervical. Imagine index fingers touching transverse processes step by step, on front of lumbar, thoracic, cervical. Go up L side/down R side. Rpt, use eyes to track going up L/down R side of spine/transverse processes. Think/see C7 to shldr joint, elbow, wrist, hand – set of links, looking up down ea link, then from C7 to fingers. Sense eyes in sockets. Rpt OS, noting use of eyes L/R from C7 to shldr joint. Cont down OS. From a point above coccyx/tailbone, central line, look to hip joint, knee, ankle, split 2 lines big/little toe. Rtrn to central line, move down line more quickly. Rpt on OS. Compare/contrast 2 sides. Sense all lines – central, arms, legs. Identify clarity of each. Sensing lines, note mvt of breathing. Pubic bone, belly button, floating ribs pelvic floor, fill/empty. Identify point/center btwn pubic bone/belly button, 2/3 inches inside in front of L4. Radiate out from that point, expanding w/breath in all directions, concentric circles. Stay w/breath & five lines. Attend to central line, lift head from floor. Note breath chg, inhale/exhale, Line chg? Loose or shorten line? Track head-in center or L/R. R arm along side, palm to floor, R shldr forward, note elbow, clavicle. Pause Rtrn to R arm, think of 5 lines, sense breathing, take shldr forward quickly. Pause, bring head forward, note if stays center or off to side. Rpt L arm. Lift head, sensing all 5 lines. Quickly, small tapping. Palms to floor, lift both shldrs. Only lift to degree of the lesser lifting shldr. Quickly, sensing lines, breathing, jaw, palate, tongue, eyes, expression on face. Alt shoulders lifting/head lifting. As head lifts, shldrs go down, visa versa. Rpt, start slowly, go faster, keeping lines, breathing. Eyes/jaws/lis. L shldr for/back. R hip for/back, little towards L shldr, press R heel. Squeeze R buttock. Find way w/o those 2. Keep lines/breath. Pause, L shldr forward. Rpt OS imagining. Bend knees, stand feet, lift R ft, cont, quickly, note lines/breath. Keep foot lifted, bring knee closer to chest several times. Rpt L leg. Tap floor w/whole foot. Legs long, sense leg lines, 2 feet lines, distance btwn. Think width of eyes, relative to width of ears, lines? 5 lines, breath, come to stand, feel lines in standing/walking.
  • Also, Santa Fe 3: ATM Lesson #209 Page 6
  • Very long five cardinal lines scan; lifting shoulder; hip on diagonal; lifting head without interlaced hands; lifting both shoulders together and alternating; alternating lifting shoulders and head in various ways; works a lot with slow and then fast movements. Dennis NC Imagine line of spine. Imagine walking along vertebra with fingers, one in front, one in back of spine. Creating a line for R arm then R leg. Same with L. Note eyes while imagining and while resting. Sense centerline while lifting head. Arms along sides, palms down, R shoulder forward. Repeat small and quick. Explore head lift again. Lift head small and quick. Lift both shoulders, gradually smaller/quicker. Alternate lifting head and both shoulders. Alternate lifting shoulders then increase speed. Lift/lower R hip. Try with pressing heel and w/o pressing heel. L shoulder forward few times. Repeat w/L hip. Bend knees, lift one foot, make small/quick. Repeat w/other foot. Lengthen legs, revisit 5 lines.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Self-image
  • The speed with which we learn or adopt a new, more efficient organization, in comparison with what we usually think it takes to “break a habit”–it’s not a matter of thousands of repetitions.

Related ATMs

  • It’s interesting to compare the first lesson in the San Francisco training: Side-lying, arm to ceiling SFY1. That lesson also relates lifting the shoulder to the differentiation of the pelvis/hips, though in a more functional context–that of reaching towards the ceiling as the initiation of the action of rolling to the side.
  • Also see Theme Flexion Lesson
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