• 4 points standing, twerking, extension-flexion in standing, coming eventually to sitting

Lesson Outline

  • Highly condensed outline of key movements

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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Epic quotes

  • A free hip joint and a soft back can serve you to the grave.
  • It is common and simple among people of the East. On Allenby Street in Tel Aviv there are old people who sit on the floor begging for money. You can see them sit or stand up. It is a miracle to watch. Old people, eighty, ninety years old do it while you wonder how because it looks so beautiful.
  • Do not make any efforts in your chest that express preparation for an effort rather than the actual work.


Share Your Insights (ideas, principles, strategies, experiences, …)

  • I couldn’t do it in one go, had to make several attempts to go through the whole lesson. one group of muscles in between the ribs of maybe T9-T10 (on the back) went into spasm, I could feel the spasm only when resting on the back. – travelsheep Jan 9, 2014

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