• While introducing students to the Amherst training. Exploring the primitive function of sucking.

Lesson Outline

  • Sucking while lying on the back.
  • Sucking while lying on the right side, reaching to the floor and away from the floor with the lips.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Orientation (he uses the direction of protruding the lips, and lying on the side, to illustrate this), manipulation (he questions the word; he includes emotion and not just the organization of the musculoskeletal system), and timing
  • Words, actions, and learning (not taking notes)
  • The attitude in which to do the lessons: if you look serious, you are only trying to learn, not learning.
  • Teaches very much in relation to the original function–how would you organize yourself to be held while lying on your side, emphasizes reaching for the nipple.
  • Really a movement of the lips–an infant at this stage does not open the jaw.
  • Why revisit early reflexes? We return to these when we need them, and in situations of emergency–when we have no other choices. In disease processes, higher levels of control may be lost, and then we regress to more primitive reflexes.
  • He says in the following session, about teaching and creativity: this is not a “lesson’ he has ever taught before. He worked with the ideas in some FI sessions with people recently.

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  • I like to point out that Dr F begins the San Fransisco training with mentioning the basic concepts as well. That is Orientation, Manipulation & Timing. “Eva Laser”

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