AY050 Lowering the head

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 1 Reel 4, Track 2, Lesson 4, Side ? Synopsis This lesson involves spinal flexion and extension in a relatively large number of different positions, both symmetric and asymmetric. Positions include sitting, on all fours, kneeling, sphinx, semi reclined, inter alia. Lesson Outline Lower the head forwards, rounding the back; and […]

MG78 #06 – Learning to move the head and neck from the center in side sitting

  Source Mia Segal-Gaby Yaron Evening Class Notes Mia Segal, June 29, 1978 Synopsis 1-3 sentences. Lesson Outline Sit cross-legged, hands on thighs. Raise (as high as you can) and lower head. (Is your nose your head? Throughout, shifting awareness.) Sit with legs long, lean on hands behind. Lower and raise head (as far as […]