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Lesson Outline

  1. Sit, legs crossed, hands rest on knees. Raise and lower head. Listen to R elbow and ear. L elbow and ear. All together. Distances larger and smaller. Changes in pressure of sits bones. Base of spine. Elbows/ears. Base of skull.
  2. Change leg crossing; do the same. Direction to students to move attention as in last instruction. Eyes and knees (each side, both.) What keeps you from going lower. Stay with head low, and imagine it goes lower.
  3. Sit, lower head, and in a pendulum movement, take R ear to R shoulder. Listening to everything.
  4. Change leg crossing. From low point in middle, do just a small amount in each direction. Same?
  5. Change the legs. Lower and erect head. Then from erect, tilt head back, and there, turn head R (not sure, but could mean rotate on its axis–like opening the door, he says, and the top of the head doesn’t move L or R but stays in place). Lean on hands, and do same.
  6. Change the legs. Other side. Then repeat raising and lowering head, and repeat hanging it in front and taking the head just a little along the arc in each direction.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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