AY117 Frog movement with the leg and the arch

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 3 #117 Reel 9, Track 2, Lesson 2 Synopsis The goal is to be able to bring the legs through the “frog’s leg” trajectory (face up, bringing knee to standing over the foot by turning the leg on to the outside edge and drawing the leg towards you, then bringing the […]

AY032 Lengthening and straightening the left leg

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 1 Lesson #32 Reel 3, Track 2, Lesson 3, Side ? Duration 39 min. Synopsis This is a frog’s leg lesson, and it is presented as a continuation of a minimal lifting (fundamental properties of movement) lesson (AY 31). AY 31 is reviewed, and then the Frog’s leg lesson starts. It […]