AY105 On the stomach; basic lifting of body parts

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 3 (101-150) Reel 8, Track 3, Lesson 3 Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on Related ATMs Theme Extensor Lesson Tag Softening-chest  Tag Side-bending-supine Tag Diagonals […]

AY007 Seeing the heels while lying on the stomach

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 1, AY #7 Reel 1, Track 3, Lesson 3 (according to Eva Laser https://www.somatik.se) Reel 1, Track 3, Lesson 1 (IFF) Duration 40 min. For German see AYnmal täglich: Fersen anschauen aus der Bauchlage Synopsis This challenging advanced flexor lesson works with rocking on the diagonals both face down and face […]