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This challenging advanced flexor lesson works with rocking on the diagonals both face down and face up, and works with in the challenging position where (face down) both knees (open) have been slid up along the floor towards the chest; in this position, you lift one, the other, and both–while lifting the head and shoulders to look towards each heel.

Lesson Outline

  1. Face down, arms lengthened overhead. Lift head and R hand. Follow R hand with eyes, shoulder girdle lifts. Allow R knee to bend up on floor.
  2. Other side. Alternate.
  3. Lift head and R hand….and let L leg bend up on floor, and then both legs to bend up on floor. Other side. Switch emphasis to the knees drawing up towards your chest; faster and rhythmic.
  4. Lift head and R hand and shoulder girdle–and L leg at the same time. Rock on the diagonal. Turn head to help.
  5. Other side. Lift all four limbs and head, and rock on same diagonal.
  6. Face up, feet standing: lift head with interlaced hands and knees, and make very tiny diagonal rocking movement.
  7. Face down, spread legs and bend knees, and bring the soles of your feet together. Keep them together and stand your hands as for pushup: lift head. Keep head up; lift R knee, and look towards heels.
  8. Other side. Alternate.
  9. Face up, legs in air and soles of feet together: interlace hands and hold feet. Lift feet, hands, and head, bringing head between arms.
  10. Some position as 7 & 8. Lift head and look to heels on one side; lower and lift to look to heels on other.
  11. Rocking on back and stomach: Face up, same position as 9, except you hold the R foot with the R hand and hand your L hand alongside you on floor. Lift R hand/both feet/head and bring heels back towards chest, lengthening and folding legs, rocking, using L hand to help with rocking. Sit only if soft and easy, no momentum. Then on the stomach, position of 7 & 8, lift head and lift both knees, and develop this to rocking. Add in alternating head to look at heels on each side. Then return to the face up position, switching the hands (L hand on L foot, R hand on floor). (This is all one long 11 in the transcript.)

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