This lesson on hands and knees, face down, and in kneeling develops the ability to kneel, hands free from the floor, and cross one leg in front of the other. It includes threading one leg through the space between the other hand and knee, working face down, hands in pushup position, taking the head and knee under the frame, and kneeling while crossing the legs. Timing with breathing and the chest is a focus.

Lesson Outline

Video showing the steps by Sabine Kieserling

  1. On all fours. Bring R foot in between L hand and L knee. May lift R hand. Do lift R hand. Lift L hand. Lift both hands. Hands on floor and do it quickly.
  2. Other side. (When both hands are off the floor, inhale as you pass the leg.)
  3. Face down, arms as for pushup. Drag up R knee and face towards knee, to take head under frame. Think of forehead, chin, nose, in turn. Leave leg and do just head; both together; just leg.
  4. Other side.
  5. Alternate knees. Add head. Head in middle, just legs. Faster. Legs long, and pass head under frame from side to side. Head and legs at same time.
  6. On all fours, pass each leg alternately. Possible without touching floor? Faster. Stand with both hands in air and alternate. Difficulty is between clavicles. Where do you look? When lift chest?
  7. On stomach, arms extended to sides. Alternate knees, turning head side to side. Faster. Hands in pushup, and alternate knees but take head in opposite direction. Same thing with arms extended. Must intentionally lift the coccyx. Both hand standing again, and continue. Now really take head under frame as you do this. What do you have to do in ribs and vertebrae, lifting coccyx?
  8. On elbows and knees. Pass R leg over. Let yourself lift R elbow. Lift eyes and look towards ceiling–see how much this helps. Possible to leave elbow on floor?
  9. Other side.
  10. Same position, back to threading R leg through–faster and lighter until the knee can almost come between the elbows.
  11. Face down, hands for pushup. Open the knees but not the feet–drag up each knee alternately. Then leave the R knee up (head R) and bring the L knee up and down. (Maybe first on forearms and elbows, then on hands.) Leave L knee up (head L), and drag R knee up and down. Then alternate–alternate doing the one knee and adding the other; both down, etc. Then both at same time.
  12. Repeat 6.
  13. “Whoever is still able, walk around.”

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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