• Face down, looking under the frame of the arm towards the knee, so that the whole spine and pelvis engages and the knee comes towards the face. Varying chin, lips, and forehead towards the knee.

Lesson Outline

All prone (on belly / frontside / nipples), with right arm alongside of torso

  1. lean with left hand against floor + pull up left knee
  2. left arm alongside the body + pull up left knee
  3. same, more slowly
  4. same, attention to your head movements
  5. same, look with the eyes at the knee. Rest and feel differences between left + right side
  6. look at left knee, without bending the knee (just head and arm moves)
  7. same, attention to movement initiation
  8. lean with left hand against floor + pull up left knee
  9. same, with focus on mouth towards knee
  10. same, with focus on forehead towards knee
  11. same, focus on head, without dealing with the knee – see what it does
  12. find good places for the hand
  13. same procedure on right side – but just in thinking
  14. try left side again
  15. try right side

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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