Amherst 1 – Week 9 – 08/04/80 Playing fiddle with the elbows (#2)

Source Amherst Year 1 (1980) Duration of the recording: 46 min. Continuation of 08/04/80 AM1 Hand movement differentiation and 08/04/80 AM2 Playing fiddle with the elbows (part 1) the same day. Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what […]

AY375 Passing the feet in the arm ring

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 8 Reel 24, Track 4, Lesson 5 Duration of the recording: unknown Synopsis Standing and lying on the side and back, pass each foot through a ring formed by the arms (hands interlaced). Lesson Outline TESTING OUT A TABLE LAYOUT. Hmm. I don’t know if this is easy to survey! # […]