This is one of the few books Moshe Feldenkrais wrote in Hebrew. It was published in February 1967. The name in Hebrew is Improving ability, theory and practice. It was published in English 1972 (First published in the U.S. A by Harper &’ Row 1972, First published in Great Britain by Penguin Books 1980) under the name Awareness Through Movement: Health Exercises for Personal Growth. For more information about the book:

Part I:Understanding While Doing

Part II: Doing to Understand:Twelve Practical Lessons


  1. What is Good Posture?
  2. What Action is Good?
  3. Some Fundamental Properties of Movement
  4. Differentiation of Parts and Functions in Breathing
  5. Coordination of the Flexor Muscles and of the Extensors
  6. Differentiation of Pelvic Movements by Means of an Imaginary Clock
  7. The Carriage of the Head Affects the State of the Musculature
  8. Perfecting the Self-Image
  9. Spatial Relationships as a Means to Coordinated Action
  10. The Movement of the Eyes Organizes the Movement of the Body
  11. Becoming Aware of Parts of Which We Are Not Conscious with the Help of Those of Which We are Conscious
  12. Thinking and Breathing


Feldenkrais, Moshé – Awareness Through Movement Basic Series

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