Lesson Outline

  1. Sitting comfortably, knees bend, feet standing. Forearms rest on knees, tip of thumbs and index finger are together (of both hands) and point towards your face (eyes).
    • Eyes closed, imagine a black thread connecting right index finger with right eye. Place a white pearl on this thread. In your imagination let this pearl slide from your fingers to the eye and back.
    • Slide from your finger to ½ the way back, then ¼, ¾ and the all the way from fingers to eye. Then do the same, starting from your eye.
    • Return the pearl to the middle of the thread (eyes always closed) and catch hold of it with your left hand and hold it (do it, no imagine it). Open your eyes to see if you are correct. Repeat.
    • Eyes closed, pearl ½ between eye and fingers, catch it with your left hand and move it. First to your fingers, then to your eye. Feel how your left hand touches the right eye or fingers. Variations.
    • Move the pearl on the thread without help of the left hand. Feel differences.
  2. Rest on your back, then stand up and walk around a bit. Feel difference between right and left side.
  3. Do the same on the left side (left eye, left hand).
  4. On your back, close eyes, start to paint in your imagination with white paint and a small brush your left eyebrow, under your eye, eyelashes, eyelid – finally paint your left pupil with black paint. Slowly, open eyes and feel the difference between right and left eye.
  5. Sitting, knees bend, arms on your knees (like in 1) eyes closed. Imagine black threads form both hands (index fingers) to the eyes.
    • Imagine two pearls sliding on the threads – distance between hands is larger than between eyes, sliding will not be parallel, the pearls separate and come closer.
  6. Sitting, knees, bend, forearms on knees, eyes, closed, threads from left hand to right eye, right hand to left eye (crossed).
    • Slide pearls and let them cross in the middle.
    • With right hand touch the spot where threads cross – then open eyes to corroborate.
    • Uncross threads – right-right, left-left. Slide again the two pearls at the same time.
  7. Lift your forearms from your knees – open eyes to verify if index fingers are at the same height.
    • Close eyes again, slide pearls.
    • Turn your arms, hands and head to the right and slide simultaneously the pearls. Start sliding pearls to the eyes when turning and to fingers when coming back.
    • Same to the left.
    • Go side to side.
    • Open eyes and go on turning from side to side, feel the difference with eyes open. Close eyes do some movements and then again with open eyes.
    • Rest on your back.
  8. Sitting, bend knees, stand feet. Eyes closed. Imagine threads from big toes to eyes.
    • Start sliding pearls – both sides at the same time.
    • Slide pearls to the middle of thread – catch them with your fingers – open eyes to check.
    • Cross the threads (right toe to left eye, vice versa). Slide pearls, find the crossing with your fingers, open eyes to check.
    • Position hands in front of eyes (like in) – turn hands, arms, head right and left – still try to imagine the thread from toes to eyes end move the pearls.
    • Open eyes and go on turning from side to side – moving the pearls. Try to come up to knees while going on turning.
  9. On your knees. Threads from hands to eyes.
    • Move pearls and turn from side to side.

Pause on your back, then stand up and feel how you are standing.

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