This “dead bird” lesson employs variations of the eyes, of tilting the head with hand on top, and variations of head and shoulder with both hands resting on the floor to the side of the thigh. The second side is done largely in the imagination.

Lesson Outline

  • Sit with L leg bent in front, R leg behind. Lean on L hand. Hold R hand hanging in front of face; rest eyes on hand. This is the position for most of the lesson.
  • Turn whole body L: how far? (Reference movement.) Rest.
  • Stay L and turn head back to front.
  • Reference.
  • Stay L, move eyes R.
  • Reference. Rest.
  • Turn L and notice trajectory R hip joint. Stay, and think about it returning. Return.
  • Stay L, move eyes L and back. Reference. Rest.
  • Stay L, put R hand on top of head: tilt head R. Tilt L. Tilt L&R.
  • Reference. Rest.
  • Stay L, but with R hand on floor next to thigh, along with L hand. Move shoulders R and back. Head & eyes with, bend self as turn to front; R hip goes towards ground.
  • Same, but head and eyes opposite to shoulders.
  • Reference.
  • Same, but head/shoulder together: what do eyes do? Eyes with shoulder; head opposite. Eyes with head, shoulder opposite.
  • Reference.
  • Same: Head and eyes together, opposite shoulders, but THINKING of eyes going with shoulders instead.
  • Back to first eyes variations, but just 4 times in one direction and 4 in the other.
  • Long scan.
  • Other side, condensed and in imagination.

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