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  • Spine like a chain/lifting pelvis while lying face up.

Lesson Outline

  • Face up, knees bent, feet standing. Lift pelvis and go down. Slowly–feel which order vertebrae leave and return. Feel that each side lifts differently.
    • Cross R leg over L. (Breath, wobble)
    • Uncrossed, lift again.
  • Then lift high. Notice: Back of buttocks touch first on return? Too fast. Go more slowly. Spine touches each vertebra in turn; especially lumbar. You’ll have to change the vertebrae of the lower chest and that is huge.
  • Legs long, hands interlaced behind head. Lift. The vertebrae each in turn again. (Stiff chest?) Keep head up and turn face to look R. Now you can lift farther. Again, what peels off and returns to floor?
  • Then arms alongside, bend knees to stand feet, and lift pelvis again.
  • Non-habitual interlacing: lift both pelvis and head, and then see if you can put them both down one vertebra at a time.
    • Then lower pelvis to lift head and vice versa. Compare sides of spine.
  • Cross L leg over R and lift pelvis…like a chain. Proper function of spine, independence of vertebrae, motor and sensory nerves.
  • Repeat, with L hand to ceiling. What touches differently?
  • Interlace hands behind head, lift, and lift knees towards elbows. Now rock with knees/elbows keeping their distance. Very difficult. “It shows up all the weaknesses and all the cheating we did all our lives.”
    • Fast and slow.
  • Lift pelvis as at the beginning and see how it has changed.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Spine like a chain
  • Lumbar vertebra independence/low back lengthening/floating ribs and attached vertebrae

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