Lessons in Improving Ability, Volume 1 & 2

    1. A pendulum movement with knee bent.
    2. Knee straight; knee bent.
    3. Interlacing the toes.
    4. Prone lifting the head and seeing the heels.
    5. Standing tilting the head right and left.
    6. Sliding along both legs.
    7. Movements of the hip joint.
    8. Alternating movements of the thigh, in retrospect and in thinking
    9. Movements of the right foot (prone)
    10. Turning the head and seeing the heels (prone)
    11. Tilting the legs
    12. Pelvic clock
    13. Knees crossed.
    14. The left shoulder in thought and in retrospect.
    15. Foot on the Head (Preparation)
    16. Hands in a bridge.
    17. Breathing and movements of the feet.
    18. Lifting the Heel and Sliding the Hand Along the Thigh
    19. Tilting legs left and right.
    20. Movements of the right foot.


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