• This lesson provides an extensive basis for the headstand. The lesson following, AY-164, is much shorter and contains way fewer variations. This lesson contains 22 steps over 9 pages. AY-164 has only 7 steps over 6 pages.

Lesson Outline

Here is a thumbnail of the variations in 163:

  • a. Supine, lifting head and letting legs fall.b. Supine, lifting head twisted to one side and then the other.c. Carp.d. Headstand triangle, rolling head forward, back, twisted, lifting hips with back round.e. Carp again.f. Headstand triangle, knees to elbows.g. Prone, lifting legs and then with head.h. Headstand triangle, knees to elbows.i. On knees and forearms, lifting legs behind.j. Prone, lifting arms.k. Headstand triangle, knees to elbows. – yayfay

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