Rolling the head between the hands – one hand on forehead and the other behind the head. The lesson is done: lying on stomach, lying on back, sitting with legs crossed, standing on knees, standing

Lesson Outline

  • Lie on stomach. Spread the legs
    • R hand on floor palm down. Forehead resting on hand. L hand on back of head. Lift L elbow, and roll head with L hand.
    • Change hands and repeat
    • Forehead on floor. Both hands on back of head. Roll head with both elbows in the air
  • Lie on back. Spread the legs
    • L hand behind head – Right palm on forehead. Roll head. L hand and elbow remain on floor
    • Change hands and lift head away from floor. Roll head
    • Change hands. Roll head. Lift head in the air and continue rolling.
    • Change hands – R hand on forehead – L hand behind head. Roll head on floor.
    • Lift head in air and roll with both hands. Right hand behind helps with rolling
  • Lie on stomach
    • R hand on forehead. L hand behind head. Lift head and roll with both hands
  • Sitting with crossed legs
    • R hand on forehead, L hand behind head. Roll head.
    • R hand on forehead, Left hand behind head. Hands don’t touch head. Only the hands move. Not the head.
    • Gradually bring hands into contact with head so that head rolls as well
    • Change crossing of legs and hands and roll head
    • Roll head with R hand on forehead. L hand does nothing
    • Change – L hand on forehead R hand does nothing
    • Change – R hand on back of head rolls head. L hand does nothing
    • Change – L hand on back of head rolls head – R hand does nothing
  • Standing on knees with knees spread
    • Roll head R hand on forehead L hand behind
    • Change hands
  • Standing upright with legs apart]
    • Bend forward with bent knees so that head moves toward floor. Roll head with both hands
    • Change hands and do the same
  • Lying on back
    • L hand on forehead – roll the head
    • Repeat with the R hand
  • Lying on stomach. Forehead on the floor
    • R hand behind head. Roll the head
    • Change hands and repeat
    • L Hand under forehead, R hand on back of head – Lift and roll head
    • Change over hands and repeat

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Keep the movements light and comfortable
  • The elbows get wider and closer to each other – moving to the sides and returning, rather than forward and back
  • The elbows move independently from the rest of the body
  • The palm is straight so that the head rolls like a wheel on the hand
  • As the head rolls, the hand changes its point of contact from fingertips to base of palm

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