AY313 Rolling at the rate of stretching and bending

Source AY Volume 7 Reel 21, Track 4, Lesson 1 Duration: 40 minutes Synopsis A delightful rolling lesson. Rolling is creating through extension and flexion Lesson Outline Effortless rolling occurs through differentiating extension-flexion on the sides; that is, starting with full flexion of arms and legs on back, differentially extending the right arm and leg […]

AY308 Skewering the spine in the chest

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7 #308 Reel 21, Track 2, Lesson 4 Duration: 39 minutes Synopsis 1-3 sentences. Lesson Outline Face up, stand feet. Roll pelvis to increase arch in back. Same, roll pelvis to take belt towards floor. Alternate: roll up and down. Accent on upwards movement. Interlace fingers behind head; lift head. Same […]