Amherst 1 – Week 6 – 07/14/80 AM1 Tilting elbow and knee inside and outside

Source Amherst Year 1 (1980) Duration of the recording: 48 min. Continuation of 07/11/80 Right index holding big toe (part 1)/ Sitting On Back and Rolling and 07/11/80 Right index holding big toe (part 2)/ Bringing Elbow Over Knee the end of the last week. Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed […]

AY418 Toes interlaced

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 9 Reel 27, Track 2, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 37 minutes Duration 39.05 minutes (Ayala T) Synopsis Interlacing the toes and rolling from lying to sitting, including some time side-sitting and bending the toes backwards. Lesson Outline Sit with soles of feet together, and hook the big toes with […]