AY310 Training to sit without leaning on the floor

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7 (301-350) Reel 21, Track 3, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 42 minutes Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on Related ATMs AY311 Training to […]

AY529 Knees crossed having the pelvis lie right and lift

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 11 Reel 34, Track 3, Lesson 3 Duration of the recording: 33 minutes Synopsis From hands and knees with the knees crossed (Advancing on all fours (AY 528)), to lying on the side, and picking up the pelvis leaving the cheek on the floor (a strong twist reminiscent of Extending arms […]

SF1 – Week 1 – 16 June 1975: Side-lying, arm to ceiling

Source SF Training Synopsis Lying on your back, reaching your L hand to the ceiling to roll to the R side. (Starts in lying on R side.) Lesson Outline Lie on R side, L hand to ceiling. Turn arm around itself. (Clarifying neutral.) Check hand: straighten as for karate chop, let flop and hang. Where […]