• Lying on side, top foot stands with knee tilting. Then top hand circles and flexes on stomach, top leg balances on bottom leg.

Lesson Outline

  • On left side, stand R foot, tilt knee in and out. Move R foot further back several times.
  • Balance R shin on L leg. Seesaw R leg.
  • Place R hand on stomach, let breath circle hand. Add finger flexing.
  • R shin on L leg, seesaw leg as flex R fingers and circle R hand.
  • Stand R foot again. Tilt knee: how is it now?
  • Bring R hand to stomach again, flexing and circling. Lift R foot off floor, tilt knee in and out.
  • Place R hand in front of chest, fingers forward. R leg rests on floor behind L leg.
    Slide R hand forward.
    Slide R knee forward.
    Combine hand and knee movement.
    Move hand and knee opposite to each other.
    Slide hand and knee up and down. In same direction & opposite to each other.
    Circle R knee. Add hand circling. Change direction of hand. Change again.
  • Hand to stomach again, flex and circle: lighter?

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Finding your own rhythm for moving
  • Reducing movement effort

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  • This feels like two different lessons to me: am teaching it again to see if it becomes clearer this time around, as I don’t see one over-arching theme.angela.sparklehouse angela.sparklehouse Jan 25, 2016
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