Books by Moshe Feldenkrais

  • The Collected Writings of M. P. Feldenkrais at 11 Years. A General Notebook. (Unpublished English translation from Hebrew). GG
  • Thinking and Doing: A Monograph by Moshe Feldenkrais, Genesis II Publishing, Longmont, CO, 2013. (Originally additional chapter to translated book The Practice of Autosuggestion by the method of Emile Coue / 1929). 33 p. Amzn FR
  • Jiu-Jitsu and self defense (זיו-גיצו והגנה עצמית). Tel Aviv, 1930 (in Hebrew); republished with author translation to French: Science versus brute force or Jiu-jitsu for intellectuals. Paris, 1933; and later by title Manuel pratique de jiu-jitsu: la défense du faible contre l’agresseur. Éditions Chiron, Paris, 1944.
  • Judo: The Art of Defense and Attack, Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1941, 1944. Amzn
  • Practical Unarmed Combat. Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1942. Republished as Hakaka-Jime: The Core Technique for Practical Unarmed Combat, (edited by Moti Nativ), Genesis II Publishing, Longmont, CO, 2009. 142 p. Amzn
  • Body and Mature Behavior: A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation & Learning, Routledge and Kegan Paul, L0ndon, 1949, International Univeristies Press, New York, 1949. Republished with a new foreword by Carl Ginsburg, Somatic Resources/Frog Ltd, Berkeley, CA, 2005. 180 p.  Amzn
  • Higher Judo: Ground Work (Katame-Waza), Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1952. Republished North Atlantic Books, 2009. 288 p. Amzn
  • The Potent Self: A Guide to Spontaneity, Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1985; republished as The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion, with a new foreword by Mark Reese, Somatic Resources/Frog Ltd, Berkeley, CA, 2002. (Originally it was unpublished manuscript by Moshe Feldenrkais, that was wrighten in about same time as BMB book). 288 p. Amzn
  • Awareness Through Movement: Health Exercises For Personal Growth, Harper San Francisco/Harper and Row, NY, 1972. (Originally published in Hebrew at 1967, by title Improving Ability: Theory and Practice). 192 p. Amzn
  • Twenty-five lessons by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Noa Eshkol,  Movement Notation Society, Tel Aviv, 1971, 1976. 152 p. Amzn
  • The Case of Nora: Adventures in the Jungle of the Brain, Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1977. Reprinted Feldenkrais Resources, Berkeley CA, 1994, as Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora. 96 p. Amzn
  • 50 Lessons by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Noa Eshkol, Movement Notation Society, Tel Aviv, 1980. 159 p. Amzn
  • The Elusive Obvious or Basic Feldenkrais, Meta Publications, Cupertino CA, 1981; republished as The Elusive Obvious: The Convergence of Movement, Neuroplasticity, and Health with a new foreword by Norman Doidge, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2019. 160 p. Amzn
  • The Master Moves, Meta Publications, Cupertino, CA, 1984. 194 p. IFF Amzn
  • Embodied Wisdom: The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais (Edited by Elizabeth Beringer), North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2010. 256 p. Amzn

Moshe Feldenkrais’s Biography

  • Mark Reese. Moshe Feldenkrais: A Life in Movement (Volume 1), ReeseKress Somatics Press, San Rafael, CA, 2015. 571 p. FR
  • Christian Buckard. Moshé Feldenkrais: Der Mensch hinter der Methode. Berlin Verlag, 2015. 368 p. [Only in German] (Moshé Feldenkrais: The Man Behind the Method, 1st chapter in English). Amzn

Books about the Feldenkrais Method

Abraham Z. Shoshani

  • Experiencing Your Potential: Following Feldenkrais’ Work. Dekel Publ. House, 2006. 88 p.Amzn

Adam Cole

  • Improving Postural Alignment in Middle School Chorus. Self-published, 2015. TT
  • Years of Possibilities, Vol. 1. Self-published, 2019. AC

Alan Fraser

  • The Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique. The Scarecrow Press, 2003, 2011. AF  Amzn
  • Honing the Pianistic Self-Image: Skeletal-Based Piano Technique. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2010. AF
  • All Thumbs: Well-coordinated Piano Technique: 52 Awareness Through Movement Lessons to Transform Your Hand at the Piano. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2012. AF
  • Play the Piano with Your Whole Self: Integrative Piano Technique. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2019. AF
  • Transforming the Pianistic Self-Image: Piano Kinematics in Theory & Practice. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2020. AF

Alan S. Questel

  • Feldenkrais… CREATING CREATIVITY – Embodying the Creative Process. Uncommon Sensing, 2009. Amzn FS

Alfons Grabher

  • My Feldenkrais Book. Self-published, 2010. Amzn

Anat Baniel

  • Movement For Life, A Revolutionary Program That Allows You to Take Control of Your Own Health and Well-Being. NovaMotion LP, 1994. Amzn
  • Move into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality. Random House, 2009. Amzn
  • Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs. TarcherPerigee, 2012. Amzn

Barbara Frye

  • Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists: A Functional Approach to Self-Care. Fryetag, 2000. Amzn

Brad Thompson

  • The Breathing Book: A Practical Guide to Natural Breathing. Red Dog Books, 2011. Amzn

Carl Ginsburg

  • Medicine Journeys: Ten Stories. Center Press, 1991. Amzn
  • The Intelligence of Moving Bodies: A Somatic View of the Life and Its Consequences. AWAREing Press, Santa Fe, NM, 2010. FR

Catherine Mitchell

  • A New Sensory Self-Awareness: Tools to Experience the Body-To-Brain Connection. Wellness Through Movement, 2012. FS Amzn

Chava Shelhav

David Kaetz 

  • Making Connections: Hasidic Roots and Resonance in the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2007.  FS FR FB Amzn
  • The Ezekiel Code: A Vision of Living Bones. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014. FS
  • Listening with Your Whole Body: Better Hearing Through the Somatic Experience of Sound. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018. FS FR FB

David Zemach-Bersin, Mark Reese.

  • Relaxercise: The Easy New Way to Health and Fitness. Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1990. Amzn

Dennis Leri.

  • Mental Furniture: an Archeology of Moshe Feldenkrais’ Influences. Semiophysics, 1997. SP FR

Edward Yu

  • The Art of Slowing Down: а Sense-able Approach to Running Faster. Art of Slowing Down, 2010; North Atlantic Books, 2020. FR Amzn
  • The Mass Psychology Of Fittism: Fitness, Evolution, and the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics. Art of Slowing Down, 2015. FR FS Amzn

Elizabeth Blades-Zeller, Samuel H. Nelson

  • Singing with Your Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice. Scarecrow Press, 2002, 2014. Amzn
  • The Tao of Musicianship: Playing Your Instrument without Injury Using the Feldenkrais Method. Scarecrow Press, 2011. Amzn

Erin Ferguson

  • Twenty Awareness Through Movement Lessons. Self-published, 2012.

Faye Berton

  • Fluid Strength Yoga Practice: Vitalizing the Body & Resting the Mind. Laurel Press, 2017. Amzn

Felicia N. Trujillo

  • Your First Moves to Rescue Your Back: The User-Friendly Guide to Reboot Your Back’s Neural Software. La Escuela Feliz, 1999. Amzn

Fernanda Grossi

  • How to Survive in Front of Monitor: Movement Strategies in Everyday Life. Self-published, 2015. Amzn

Frank Wildman

  • Feldenkrais: The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement. Berkeley, CA : The Intelligent Body Press, 2000. Amzn
  • Change Your Age: Using Your Body and Brain to Feel Younger, Stronger, and More Fit. Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2010. Amzn

Garet Newell, Simon Paul Ogden

  • The Feldenkrais Method for Executive Coaches, Managers, and Business Leaders: Moving in All Directions. Routledge, 2017. Amzn

Gordon Browne

  • A Manual Therapist’s Guide to Movement: Teaching Motor Skills to the Orthopaedic Patient. Churchill Livingstone, 2005. Amzn

Graziella Leone

  •  Functional Integration Practice., 2018. LL

Graeme Lynn

  • Manner of Action: Understanding and Practicing The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and the Hatha Yoga, as Methods of Somatic Learning. Branden Books, 2015. FS Amzn

Guy Sela. Widegevity

  • An Appetizer for the Feldenkrais Method. Self-published, 2013. BK

Jack Tenen

  • The Process of Learning. Virtual Bookworm, 2003. Amzn

Jack Heggie

Jean Houston

  • The possible human: a course in extending your physical, mental, and creative abilities. Tarcher, 1982. Amzn

Jennifer C. Evans, Jane Edwards

  • 50 Fun Activities For Feldenkrais Study Groups. Feldebiz, 2003. FB

Josef DellaGrotte

  • Instructions From Within: Six Primary Core Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness. Core Movement Integration Training Institute, 2007. CI
  • Awaken Movement-The Key To Life: Your Body’s Way of Knowing. CreateSpace, 2016. FS

Josepha Michaeli.

  • Body Cognition – The Method: Movement, Health, Treatment. CreateSpace, 2015. 464 p. Amzn

Lavinia Plonka

  • What Are You Afraid Of?: A Body/Mind Guide to Courageous Living. Tarcher, 2005. Amzn
  • Walking Your Talk: Changing Your Life Through the Magic of Body Language. Tarcher, 2007. Amzn
  • The Little Book of Falling (and Getting Up): Prevent Injury and Recover Quickly From Gravity’s Embrace. BookBaby, 2012. Amzn

Lawrence Goldfarb

  • Articulating changes: Preliminary notes to a theory for Feldenkrais. Mind In Motion, 1990. UMI CF

Leora Gaster

Lesley McLennan, Julie Peck.

Madeleine Edgar

  • Marvellous Movement: Remind Your Body Using the Feldenkrais Method Daily. Self-published, 2005. FB

Marcia Germaine Hutchinson

  • Transforming Body Image: Learning to Love the Body You Have. The Crossing Press, Freedom CA, 1985. Amzn

Marina Gilman

  • Body and Voice: Somatic Re-Education. Plural Publishing, 2014. Amzn

Mary Debono

  • Grow Young with Your Dog: Learn How You and Your Canine Companion Can Feel Better at Any Age! Ruby Red Press, 2014. FS Amzn

Meriah Kruse

  • Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don’t Like Marketing. New Paia Press, 2018. Amzn

Michael Krugman

  • The Insomnia Solution: The Natural, Drug-Free Way to a Good Night’s Sleep. Grand Central Publishing, 2005. Amzn

Michelle Turner

  • Newborn Movement Assessment: The Evaluation and Stimulation of an Infant’s Developmental Movements. Movement Lesson, 2016. Amzn

Miriam Levinson

  • You Can Make a Living as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Self-published, 2002. CF

Nancy Haller

  • I Don’t Know How Long My Short Term Memory Is…: Feldenkrais and Brain Ease. Lifetime Connections, 2012. Amzn

Pamela J. Free

  • Come Home to Your Body: A Workbook For Women. Llewellyn Publications, 1996. Revised ed. in 2014 under title Come Home to Your Body: Connect Body, Mind and Spirit for Anti-aging, Healing and Self-love. Amzn

Pamela Kihm

  • Relax Your Back with a Roller. PainFreeChoices, 2007. FS
  • Walking Nature’s Perfect Exercise. PainFreeChoices, 2008. FR FS
  • Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain. PainFreeChoices, 2009. FR FS

Paul Doron Doroftei

  • Ways out of Cerebral Palsy during Infancy and Early Childhood with the Feldenkrais Method. Self-published, 2014. Amzn

Paul Linden

  • Comfort at Your Computer: Body Awareness Training for Pain-Free Computer Use. North Atlantic Books, 2000. Amzn
  • Hands-on Teaching: Enhancing Body Awareness and Self-Regulation. CCMS Publications, 2012. BIM

Paul J Tank

  • Conscious Pain & Stress Reduction. Createspace, 2012. Amzn

Ralph Strauch

  • Low-stress Computing: Using Awareness to Avoid RSI, a Feldenkrais Perspective. Somatic Options, 1997. Amzn

Richard Shusterman

  • Body Consciousness: A Philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Amzn
  • Thinking through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics. Cambridge University Press, 2012. Amzn

Robert Burgess

  • A Guide to Body Sense, vol. 1: Movement Patterns. Skeletal Life Publishers, 2008. FS FB

Robert Masters

  • and Jean Houston. Listening to the Body: The Psychophysical Way to Health and Awareness. Delta Book, 1978; republised by title The Way to Awaken: Exercises to Enliven Body, Self, and Soul. Quest Books, 1997. Amzn
  • Psychophysical Method Exercises, Vol. I-VI. A Dragon Book, 1983.
  • Neurospeak: Transforms Your Body, While You Read. Quest Books, 1994. Amzn

Ruthy Alon

  • Mindful Spontaneity: Moving in Tune with Nature, Lessons in the Feldenkrais Method. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 1996. 392 p. Amzn

Sandra Bradshaw

  • Wake Up Your Body and Brain: Move Better… Feel Younger. Artistic Warrior Publishing, 2012. Amzn

Scott Forrester

  • The Aware Athlete: How the Wild Origins of Our Human Nature and the New Science of Neuroplasticity are Redefining Fitness. Earth Lodge Publising, 2018. Amzn

Shara Ogin

  • A Quick Guide to Easing Pain: In the Workplace and Beyond. Self-published, 2007. Amzn FS

Stacy Barrows

  • SmartRoller Guide To Optimal Movement. IAOM, 2011. Amzn

Stephen Rosenholtz

  • Monkey Moves. Self-published, 2016. Amzn
  • Move Like Animals. Self-published, 2016. Amzn

Steven Shafarman

  • Awareness Heals: The Feldenkrais Method for Dynamic Health. Addison and Wesley Publishing, Reading, MA, 1997; in GB by HarperCollins published under the title Practical Feldenkrais for Dynamic Health: Relieve Pain, Recover from Stress, Enhance Pleasure. Amzn

Terri Rossi

  • Feldenkrais as a Business: Guide to Success., 2017. FS

Tiffany Sankary

  • Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning. Movement and Creativity Press, 2014. Amzn

Thomas Hanna

  • Explorers of Humankind. Harper & Row, 1979. Amzn
  • The Body of Life: Creating New Pathways for Sensory Awareness and Fluid Movement. Knopf, 1980, Healing Arts Press, 1993. Amzn
  • Somatics: Reawakening The Mind’s Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health. Da Capo Press, 1988, 2004. Amzn
  • Letters from Fred: A Novel. Freeperson Press, 1991. SR

Todd R. Hargrove

  • A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain. Better Movement, 2014. Amzn
  • Playing With Movement: How to Explore the Many Dimensions of Physical Health and Performance. Better Movement, 2019. Amzn

Victoria Worsley

  • Feldenkrais for Actors: How to Do Less and Discover More. Nick Hern Books, 2017. Amzn

William S Leigh

  • A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to Tanouye Roshi. Inland Book Co, 1987. Amzn

 Yochanan Rywerant

  • The Feldenkrais Method: Teaching by Handling. New-York : Harper and Row, 1983. 240 p.  FS Amzn
  • Acquiring the Feldenkrais Profession. Tel-Aviv: El-Or, 2000. 72 p. Amzn GG EB
  • Corollary Discharge, the Forgotten Link: Remarks on the Body-mind Problem. Freeperson Press, 2008. 36 p.  SR

Books related to the Feldenkrais Method

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin

  • Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery. Harper, 2017. Amzn

Craig Williamson

  • Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living: A Practical Approach to Eliminating Chronic Back Pain, Tendonitis, Neck and Shoulder Tension, and Repetitive Stress Injuries. Trumpeter, 2007. Amzn
  • Pain-Free Sitting, Standing, and Walking: Alleviate Chronic Pain by Relearning Natural Movement Patterns. Shambhala, 2013. Amzn

Eleanor Criswell-Hanna

  • Biofeedback & Somatics: Toward Personal Evolution. Freeperson Press 1985
  • How Yoga Works: Introduction to Somatic Yoga. Freeperson Press 1989
  • CRAM’s Introduction to Surface Electromyography, Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2 edition, 2010

Georgena Eggleston

  • A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief. BalboaPress, 2015.

Ilana Rubenfeld

  • The Listening Hand: Self-Healing Through The Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch. Random House, 2001. Amzn

James Knight

  • Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration Workbook. Self-published, 2012

Jim Dreaver

  •  Somatic Technique: A Simplified Method of Releasing Chronically Tight Muscles and Enhancing Mind/body Awareness. Kendall Hunt Pub Co, 1997

John Loupos

  •  The Sustainable You: Somatics and the Myth of Aging. Langdon Street Press, 2011

Josef DellaGrotte

  • Instructions From Within: Six Primary Core Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness. Core Movement Integration Training Institute, 2007. CI
  • Awaken Movement-The Key To Life: Your Body’s Way of Knowing. CreateSpace, 2016. FS

Kimi Hasegawa.

  • Introducing Six Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness. Self-published, 2015

Lawrence Gold

  • Handbook of Assisted Pandiculation, 1997
  • Guidebook of Somatic Transformational Exercises, 1999
  • Deeper Lovemaking: Move Freely, Enhance Your Sensuality, and Prolong Your Intimate Occasions, 2004
  • Magic of Somatics, 2010
  • Free Yourself from Back Pain, 2010
  • Body Meditations, 2001

Linda Tellington-Jones, M. Cecilia Wendler

  • TTouch for Healthcare: The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Tellington TTouch. Tellington TTouch Training, 2008.
  • for animals see full list on

Martha Peterson

  • Move Without Pain. Dragon Door Publications, 2011

Noreen Owens

  • Where Comfort Hides. Xlibris, 2009

Norman Doidge

  • The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science. Penguin Books, 2007. Amzn
  • The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity. Viking, 2015. (Two chapters of book are devoted to Moshe Feldenkrais’ ideas and the Feldenkrais Method.) Amzn

Robert Dilts

  • Moshe Feldenkrais: NLP of the Body. NLP University Press, Scotts Valley, CA, 1990. JG

Robyn Hood, Mandy Pretty.

  • All Wrapped Up For You: Improving balance, posture & overall well-being with Tellington TTouch Body Wraps. Cetacea Publishing, 2018.

Sarah St. Pierre  (Warren)

  • Why We’re in Pain: Why chronic musculoskeletal pain occurs – and how it can be prevented, alleviated and eliminated with Clinical Somatic Education. Self-published, 2015
  • The Pain Relief Secret: How to Retrain Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, and Overcome Chronic Pain. TCK Publishing, 2019

Suresha Hill

  • Somatic Intelligence: What Every Body is Dying for You To Know. One Sky Productions, 2016
  • Somatic Intelligence: The Conversation Every Body Wants to Have with You. One Sky Productions, 2016
  • Opposing Gravity: How to Recognize and Recover from Head Injuries. One Sky Productions, 2018

Thomas Hanna

  • Explorers of Humankind. Harper & Row, 1979. Amzn
  • The Body of Life: Creating New Pathways for Sensory Awareness and Fluid Movement. Knopf, 1980, Healing Arts Press, 1993. Amzn
  • Somatics: Reawakening The Mind’s Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health. Da Capo Press, 1988, 2004. Amzn
  • Letters from Fred: A Novel. Freeperson Press, 1991. SR

Toni Luisa Rivera

  • Propelled The Heart: Moving from Injury to Insight. Propelled Heart Publications, 2015.

Vicki Mechner

  • Healing Journeys: The Power of Rubenfeld Synergy. Bch Fulfillment & Distribution, 1998.