Books by Moshe Feldenkrais

  • The Collected Writings of M. P. Feldenkrais at 11 Years. A General Notebook. (Unpublished English translation from Hebrew). GG
  • Thinking and Doing: A Monograph by Moshe Feldenkrais, Genesis II Publishing, Longmont, CO, 2013. (Originally additional chapter to translated book The Practice of Autosuggestion by the method of Emile Coue / 1929). 33 p. Amzn FR
  • Jiu-Jitsu and self defense (זיו-גיצו והגנה עצמית). Tel Aviv, 1930 (in Hebrew); republished with author translation to French: Science versus brute force or Jiu-jitsu for intellectuals. Paris, 1933; and later by title Manuel pratique de jiu-jitsu: la défense du faible contre l’agresseur. Éditions Chiron, Paris, 1944.
  • Judo: The Art of Defense and Attack, Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1941, 1944. Amzn
  • Practical Unarmed Combat. Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1942. Republished as Hakaka-Jime: The Core Technique for Practical Unarmed Combat, (edited by Moti Nativ), Genesis II Publishing, Longmont, CO, 2009. 142 p. Amzn
  • Body and Mature Behavior: A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation & Learning, Routledge and Kegan Paul, L0ndon, 1949, International Univeristies Press, New York, 1949. Republished with a new foreword by Carl Ginsburg, Somatic Resources/Frog Ltd, Berkeley, CA, 2005. 180 p.  Amzn
  • Higher Judo: Ground Work (Katame-Waza), Frederick Warne, London and New York, 1952. Republished North Atlantic Books, 2009. 288 p. Amzn
  • The Potent Self: A Guide to Spontaneity, Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1985; republished as The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion, with a new foreword by Mark Reese, Somatic Resources/Frog Ltd, Berkeley, CA, 2002. (Originally it was unpublished manuscript by Moshe Feldenrkais, that was wrighten in about same time as BMB book). 288 p. Amzn
  • Awareness Through Movement: Health Exercises For Personal Growth, Harper San Francisco/Harper and Row, NY, 1972. (Originally published in Hebrew at 1967, by title Improving Ability: Theory and Practice). 192 p. Amzn
  • Twenty-five lessons by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Noa Eshkol,  Movement Notation Society, Tel Aviv, 1971, 1976. 152 p. Amzn
  • The Case of Nora: Adventures in the Jungle of the Brain, Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1977. Reprinted Feldenkrais Resources, Berkeley CA, 1994, as Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora. 96 p. Amzn
  • 50 Lessons by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Noa Eshkol, Movement Notation Society, Tel Aviv, 1980. 159 p. Amzn
  • The Elusive Obvious or Basic Feldenkrais, Meta Publications, Cupertino CA, 1981; republished as The Elusive Obvious: The Convergence of Movement, Neuroplasticity, and Health with a new foreword by Norman Doidge, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2019. 160 p. Amzn
  • The Master Moves, Meta Publications, Cupertino, CA, 1984. 194 p. IFF Amzn
  • Embodied Wisdom: The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais (Edited by Elizabeth Beringer), North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2010. 256 p. Amzn

Moshe Feldenkrais’s Biography

  • Mark Reese. Moshe Feldenkrais: A Life in Movement (Volume 1), ReeseKress Somatics Press, San Rafael, CA, 2015. 571 p. FR
  • Christian Buckard. Moshé Feldenkrais: Der Mensch hinter der Methode. Berlin Verlag, 2015. 368 p. [Only in German] (Moshé Feldenkrais: The Man Behind the Method, 1st chapter in English). Amzn

Books about the Feldenkrais Method

Abraham Z. Shoshani

  • Experiencing Your Potential: Following Feldenkrais’ Work. Dekel Publ. House, 2006. 88 p.Amzn

Adam Cole

  • Improving Postural Alignment in Middle School Chorus. Self-published, 2015. TT
  • Years of Possibilities, Vol. 1. Self-published, 2019. AC

Alan Fraser

  • The Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique. The Scarecrow Press, 2003, 2011. AF  Amzn
  • Honing the Pianistic Self-Image: Skeletal-Based Piano Technique. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2010. AF
  • All Thumbs: Well-coordinated Piano Technique: 52 Awareness Through Movement Lessons to Transform Your Hand at the Piano. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2012. AF
  • Play the Piano with Your Whole Self: Integrative Piano Technique. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2019. AF
  • Transforming the Pianistic Self-Image: Piano Kinematics in Theory & Practice. Maple Grove Music Productions, 2020. AF

Alan S. Questel

  • Feldenkrais… CREATING CREATIVITY – Embodying the Creative Process. Uncommon Sensing, 2009. Amzn FS

Alfons Grabher

  • My Feldenkrais Book.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010. Amzn
  • Getting Better Day By Day: A Workbook With 9 Lessons. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. Amzn
  • Movement Based: A journey into essay writing and movement instructions. Independently published, 2021. Amzn

Anat Baniel

  • Movement For Life, A Revolutionary Program That Allows You to Take Control of Your Own Health and Well-Being. NovaMotion LP, 1994. Amzn
  • Move into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality. Random House, 2009. Amzn
  • Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs. TarcherPerigee, 2012. Amzn

Barbara Frye

  • Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists: A Functional Approach to Self-Care. Fryetag, 2000. Amzn

Brad Thompson

  • The Breathing Book: A Practical Guide to Natural Breathing. Red Dog Books, 2011. Amzn

Carl Ginsburg

  • Medicine Journeys: Ten Stories. Center Press, 1991. Amzn
  • The Intelligence of Moving Bodies: A Somatic View of the Life and Its Consequences. AWAREing Press, Santa Fe, NM, 2010. FR

Catherine Mitchell

  • A New Sensory Self-Awareness: Tools to Experience the Body-To-Brain Connection. Wellness Through Movement, 2012. FS Amzn

Chava Shelhav

David Kaetz 

  • Making Connections: Hasidic Roots and Resonance in the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2007.  FS FR FB Amzn
  • The Ezekiel Code: A Vision of Living Bones. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014. FS
  • Listening with Your Whole Body: Better Hearing Through the Somatic Experience of Sound. River Center Publishing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018. FS FR FB

David Zemach-Bersin, Mark Reese.

  • Relaxercise: The Easy New Way to Health and Fitness. Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1990. Amzn

Dennis Leri.

  • Mental Furniture: an Archeology of Moshe Feldenkrais’ Influences. Semiophysics, 1997. SP FR

Edward Yu

  • The Art of Slowing Down: а Sense-able Approach to Running Faster. Art of Slowing Down, 2010; North Atlantic Books, 2020. FR Amzn
  • The Mass Psychology Of Fittism: Fitness, Evolution, and the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics. Art of Slowing Down, 2015. FR FS Amzn

Elizabeth Blades-Zeller, Samuel H. Nelson

  • Singing with Your Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice. Scarecrow Press, 2002, 2014. Amzn
  • The Tao of Musicianship: Playing Your Instrument without Injury Using the Feldenkrais Method. Scarecrow Press, 2011. Amzn

Erin Ferguson

  • Twenty Awareness Through Movement Lessons. Self-published, 2012.

Faye Berton

  • Fluid Strength Yoga Practice: Vitalizing the Body & Resting the Mind. Laurel Press, 2017. Amzn

Felicia N. Trujillo

  • Your First Moves to Rescue Your Back: The User-Friendly Guide to Reboot Your Back’s Neural Software. La Escuela Feliz, 1999. Amzn

Fernanda Grossi

  • How to Survive in Front of Monitor: Movement Strategies in Everyday Life. Self-published, 2015. Amzn

Frank Wildman

  • Feldenkrais: The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement. Berkeley, CA : The Intelligent Body Press, 2000. Amzn
  • Change Your Age: Using Your Body and Brain to Feel Younger, Stronger, and More Fit. Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2010. Amzn

Garet Newell, Simon Paul Ogden

  • The Feldenkrais Method for Executive Coaches, Managers, and Business Leaders: Moving in All Directions. Routledge, 2017. Amzn

Gordon Browne

  • A Manual Therapist’s Guide to Movement: Teaching Motor Skills to the Orthopaedic Patient. Churchill Livingstone, 2005. Amzn

Graziella Leone

  •  Functional Integration Practice., 2018. LL

Graeme Lynn

  • Manner of Action: Understanding and Practicing The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and the Hatha Yoga, as Methods of Somatic Learning. Branden Books, 2015. FS Amzn

Guy Sela. Widegevity

  • An Appetizer for the Feldenkrais Method. Self-published, 2013. BK

Jack Tenen

  • The Process of Learning. Virtual Bookworm, 2003. Amzn

Jack Heggie

Jean Houston

  • The possible human: a course in extending your physical, mental, and creative abilities. Tarcher, 1982. Amzn

Jennifer C. Evans, Jane Edwards

Josef DellaGrotte

Josepha Michaeli.

Lavinia Plonka

Lawrence Goldfarb

Leora Gaster

Lesley McLennan, Julie Peck.

Madeleine Edgar

Marcia Germaine Hutchinson

Marina Gilman

Mary Debono

Meriah Kruse

Michael Krugman

Michelle Turner

Miriam Levinson

Nancy Haller

Pamela J. Free

Pamela Kihm

Paul Doron Doroftei

Paul Linden

Paul J Tank

Ralph Strauch

Richard Shusterman

Robert Burgess

Robert Masters

Ruthy Alon

Sandra Bradshaw

Scott Forrester

Shara Ogin

Stacy Barrows

Stephen Rosenholtz

Steven Shafarman

Terri Rossi

Tiffany Sankary

Thomas Hanna

Todd R. Hargrove

Victoria Worsley

William S Leigh

 Yochanan Rywerant

Books related to the Feldenkrais Method

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin

Craig Williamson

Eleanor Criswell-Hanna

Georgena Eggleston

Ilana Rubenfeld

James Knight

Jim Dreaver

John Loupos

Josef DellaGrotte

Kimi Hasegawa.

Lawrence Gold

Linda Tellington-Jones, M. Cecilia Wendler

Martha Peterson

Noreen Owens

Norman Doidge

Robert Dilts

Robyn Hood, Mandy Pretty.

Sarah St. Pierre  (Warren)

Suresha Hill

Thomas Hanna

Toni Luisa Rivera

Vicki Mechner