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Lesson Outline

  • Brief five cardinal lines scan.
  • Lift head–not too many times, just enough to feel that it’s heavy, and see what moves against the floor.
  • Bend knees, stand feet. R hand behind head. Lift head, looking at L knee. Place L hand under L knee. Lift knee and elbow towards one another. Exhale.
  • Other side.
  • The R hand behind head, L hand under R knee: lift knee and elbow to one another.
  • Other side.
  • Hands interlaced behind head. Lift elbows and knees towards one another, and clarify how the lower back moving backwards helps.
  • L hand behind head, R hand under R knee (in fold). Lift elbow/knee towards one another. R side of ribcage presses.
  • Change knees (R hand in fold of L knee).
  • R hand behind head, L hand under R knee.
  • Change knees (L hand in fold of L knee).
  • Knees bent, both hands interlaced behind head: lift knees and elbows towards one another again.
  • Leave feet standing and just lift head. Think it through first: letting air out, pressing back into floor.
  • With legs long, lift head once and see if it’s easier.
  • In sitting, both feet on the floor, feel how this part of the back moves backwards as you lower your head.
  • Lie again for five cardinal lines scan again.

Focus of Mia’s Teaching

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